Me Line Follower V2.2 module is designed for the line following robotics. It has two sensors on the module and each sensor contains two parts – an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. It can output digital signal to Arduino so the robot can reliably follow a black line on a white background, or vice versa.



  • Comes with Arduino library for easy programing
  • Easy wiring with 6 Pin RJ25 interface
  • Labeled with blue tag and compatible with Me–Base Shield
  • 2.54mm breakout pins for connecting with jumper wires
  • 16mm interval M4 mounting holes, compatible with Makeblock beams
  • A power indicator LED and two sensor state indicator LED


Detecting range: 1~2cm




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循線感測器/Me Line Follower

  • 品 牌: MakeBlock
  • 型 號: 11005
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存

標籤: 循線